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I think we are often taught to look outside of ourselves…for answers, prayers, to manifest. We need to seek answers from someone or something, God, the Universe, some unseen forces. What if what we have been taught…is all wrong??? What if the reason we are taught to not trust ourselves is to dumb us down? That’s a pretty screwed up world, don’t you think?

We, each one of us, you, me…have the answers all along. We have the wisdom, insight, ability to manifest just by being. 

I had recently posted that the word “manifest” is actually a disguise in taking our power away. We don’t need to manifest. We ARE simply by being. I use the word “manifest” and “being” interchangeably sometimes because most people instantly understand what the word “manifest” means, but the word “being…”

Manifest is a 5D word. Being is a 7D word. 

We all have the power to create the world we want to live in…or at the very least our own life. The world, yes, but it’s not just you, it’s the collective and that’s a whole different story.             

You have the power within yourself to create or be what you want. The only person or thing stopping you is you…literally. You need to reprogram yourself, everything that you have been taught, from why do you like spaghetti and not squash or why is red called red and not turtle. Everything that we have taught is from a human mind, human limitations… How can your mind understand infinity or limitless or never ending abundance when you can’t physically see or touch it?

There are certain crystals that are stepping into the limelight, being more prominent, showcasing our unlimited ability to create the abundance, love, joy, happiness, everything that we want…if only we step out of the way. 

~~~~~ Working with the Universe

~~~~~ Co-creatE

~~~~~ Following the moon cycle

~~~~~ Tapping into the Collective Consciousness

This, I absolutely, advise against. Do you know what’s up in the Collective Consciousness? Do you think it’s all love and light? It’s not!!! 

~~~~~ Calling upon the Angels and Archangels

~~~~~ Praying to God

If we enter this lifetime with karma, lessons to learn, do you think God would intervene with your soul's path?

~~~~~ Rituals 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in rituals. For me, rituals is a good time to give thanks, honor the changing of the seasons, acknowledge the sun and the moon, the sounds of the birds and animals. To me, performing rituals help us to stay grounded, sane, & focus on exactly why we are here and what do we want. 

~~~~~ You are God.

You have the power to create, destroy, give birth, wipe out, start over. 

~~~~~ You are the creator, actor, script writer, costume designer, camera person (you get the picture, right?) in your life. 

~~~~~ Your thoughts create your past, present, & future

~~~~~ Your actions or non-actions create the obstacles and challenges.

~~~~~ Your fears create the life you have right now. 

This is why…if you don’t like your life…then take a hard look at yourself and make the necessary changes. You are the driver of your own life.


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