Susan knew the perfect combination of stones to help me work with my third eye, heart and throat intuitively. She's very tuned in to my needs!

Trandi Phillips

Through a stroke of luck and love from the universe I met a special woman, Susan M. Chu, who happens to be a crystal expert! Wow, I have learned so much from her! She is now my ONLY go to person for buying Crystals.

Tracy Kemmish

Susan has helped me a lot with her knowledge and her stones. She intuitively knew which stones I needed . It has cut my anxiety in half. It has helped me a lot. 

CYogirn Dina

Susan has amazing insight into the properties and uses of crystals. I have purchased many unique and powerfully energized crystals from Susan for both myself and my son. Susan’s guidance with using crystals for challenging life issues has been invaluable to us! I’m so grateful for her knowledge, energy, and compassion!

Kathleen Spencer

Her expertise on crystals of all types and her vast experience with each of their energies is amazing!! She knows which crystals emit the energy needed for ailments, issues and desires. I always learn something new from her that I apply to my life.

Deborah Batterson

Susan has a deep knowing about crystals that comes from within. She has great intuition that I often tap into when requiring some crystal knowledge. She has great integrity and an authentic desire to help others – a true energy healer.

Maureen K. Calamia

I have purchased several stones and bracelets from Susan and they are beautiful. All of her stones are of the highest quality and are beautifully packaged and delivered. 

Linda Giaquinto Viviano

Wonderful crystals and very knowledgeable

Misty Biros

Susan amazes me each and every time she does a workshop. Her knowledge of crystals and stone is unbelievable. Her ability to match stones with your energy and your needs amazes me. If you are looking for someone to educate you on crystals, I would recommend talking to Susan first. She is the only person I go to.

Jessica Harris

Hi Susan! Just had to say thanks for the absolutely beautiful stones. the energy coming from them is amazing. When I sit with them, I feel calm and grounded...and they are so beautiful to look at. Many thanks!

Julie Humphreys

Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals. I can feel the power in their clear vibration...and I am already experiencing the energies shifting and opening! I'm really impressed with the energy of these crystals. I've worked with crystals for a few years now, and I've got to say that the ones you had sent are outstanding!

Lisa Warner

Your crystals are amazing!

Lisa Warner

HI Susan. I received my beautifully energized stones yesterday. Love them!!!

Stacey Niedentohl

Susan's knowledge and intuitiveness for just the right crystal (or crystals) that someone amazing. Whether it's for health, personal improvement or home. Susan is right on point with her recommendations.

Tami Racaniello

Susan is my "go to" resource when I have a question about crystals.

Lindy Viviano

I got my beautiful box today. The oil is positively delicious and of course, all the gems and crystals are wonderful. Thank you!

Kristie Taylor

Thank you Susan. I loved it!!!!

Jo Anne Esma Baclay

I noticed my "luck" improved when I wear 2 Green Sardonyx stones vs a single one. Lots of goodness in the making. Thank you for recommending these stones.

Patsy Balacchi

Wow!!! I was going to stay offline but I had to pop back in and thank you. The box came with stones that I know Susan chose carefully for me. I actually became emotional whenI opened three of them and put them in my hand. The oils were so uplifting and one reminded me of something from my past and made me smile. Honestly I needed this in my life right now. Thank you from my whole heart.

Alley Jean

I fell for the Jet bracelet and when I received it...I was so excited. It is so black. It shines hues of blue or burgundy...seems to have its own aura. I've been wearing it for the past couple of weeks. I'm more calm, not so ready to jump into any confrontations. The Rhodonite bracelet is very soothing, my thoughts are calm. The smoky quartz is a beautiful piece with a lot of positive feelings. I feel physically more energetic, but peaceful. I like to gaze at the quartz in the sun. It has every color in it...little sparkles of color.

JeanAnn Dillon

Susan has been nothing but patient, understanding, and intuitive with ALL of my questions. I cannot wait to embark on my crystal journey to wellness and transformation.

Lisa Rose

Thank you, Susan, for another package of stunning crystals. I sent an early Christmas present of heart shaped rose quartz to my mother who has never owned crystals. She was thrilled at how beautiful they were and surprised a how she felt immediately drawn to them. Very special!

Andrea St Amand

My kids and I always sleep with crystals under our pillows, especially Selenite. One of my fav! Susan suggests other good ones too.

Kelly Johnson

It's like Christmas when your order arrives. Thank you so much Susan for the sweet Rose Quartz heart and the love crystals!!

Franziska Bernhard

Just received my tiger iron bracelet and amethyst heart. This is just in time and perfect. Thank you.

Andrea Klunder

Oh. My. Love! I received this amazing pocket of joy in the mail today. It actually couldn't have come at a better time. I have been in a funk, feeling a bit defeated and this perked me right up. When I opened the package, my kitten, Snickers, was immediately interested in them and was wrapping her little paws around the quartz. They just know!!!! Thank you Susan for this amazing collection. I'm grateful!!!

Diette Henderson