Moss Agate & Fossilized Wood - Brazil - 8mm

Moss Agate & Fossilized Wood - Brazil - 8mm

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  • Nature Loving
  • Harmony
  • Dual Nature

This is a wonderful gift for the nature lover in all of us.

This duo embodies the feminine with moss agate and masculine with petrified wood.  A perfect combination, representative of nature, two sides, in balance. Yin & Yang.

This stone speaks of harmony, harmony in everything & everyone…that is if we know where to look. Even in the midst of chaos, there is harmony.

Harmony is a state of being, one with nature, neither elation nor depression, but both…going with the flow. It’s not a celebration of being elated nor a pity party for depression. It just is. We take what comes in, process it, and let it go.

From the stone…

Try to find the simple joys in life. It’s not the OMG, this is huge news that we live for or strive for. It’s the simple pleasures, saying hello to your neighbors, listening to your friend pour her heart out, being a good person… Hmmm, that is not quite correct…being remembered as a good person, having made others feel better about themselves, helping when you are not being asked to help…but only helping when it helps the other person and not because you want to butt in help. What mark are you leaving in the world? What is it you want to be remembered as? Nature. Balance. Yin. Yang. It’s not that you can’t strive nor that you shouldn’t.

From the owner…

This is a wonderful combination for all of us. I think we all need a little more nature in our day to day life.

Close your eyes. What do you see?

If you see anything electronic, yeap…this is a stone for you.