Moonstone Bracelet - Tanzania - 8mm

Moonstone Bracelet - Tanzania - 8mm

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  • Inner Knowing
  • Moon Energy
  • Third Eye

Do you know that not all moonstones are the same? I had a green moonstone bracelet that I absolutely loved and it, after a couple of year, fell apart. I was so devastated. While most of us think that one amethyst is the same as another amethyst, that is total bs. Is the amethyst from Brazil or maybe it’s from Africa? Are you saying Africa & Brazil are the same?

There are a variety of moonstones…and I had sold quite a few variations in the past. I love the iridescent rainbow moonstone, the green moonstone (as mentioned), & this light color moonstone. It seems to have this…more…pure energy to it. The other moonstones while great, I don’t know. This one seems more 5D.

Moonstone is attributable to several individuals include Quan Yin, one of my guides. Intuition, moon energy, fertility. Working with this stone on a full moon is highly advisable although if you are quite erratic during the full moon, avoid moonstone at all cost. It will just intensify your moods and elevate your peculiar behavior, something your hubby might notice…or not.

I’m very particularly about my stone and if you are using this for 5D purposes, my particularity might come in handy.

Moonstone is usually correlated to the feminine energy and we all have a feminine side to us…even if you are a guy. When does it, when does the feminine energy come in handy?  Well, if you want to develop your third eye, inner knowing, intuition, that little voice that is inside of you.