Lithium Quartz Bracelet - Brazil - 8mm

Lithium Quartz Bracelet - Brazil - 8mm

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  • Meditative 
  • Elevated Energy
  • Reduce Stress

I was simply pampered when I first started going gong-ho with crystals. I got exposed to so many, omg, high vibe stones that very few stones post that time measured up.  Let me just say that all stones are amazing. They all have unique properties. The stones that I started using way back when which in subsequent years prevented me or shielded me from getting sick, those stones, hands down, are still the best stones from my perspective.

How does high vibe stones work on health challenges?

High vibe stones elevate your energy which for the most part (unless you are doing shadow work) make you happy.

When you are happy, guess what…???

From a synchronicity perspective, you meet people because you’re glowing…and the Universe responds in kind.

When you are happy, you make better choices…maybe you eat better, join a gym, go see your doctors. (I know, I don’t really like going to the doctors either.)

I love, love… Lepidolite is a great stone. Angelite is a great stone, but nothing beat lithium quartz. In terms of reducing stress, getting your blood pressure down…Lithium Quartz is equivalent to being in a meditative state.

Angelite, which surprised me, is more 3D, Lepidolite 4D, Lithium Quartz 5D.