Green Kyanite Bracelet - Brazil - Roundel beads

Green Kyanite Bracelet - Brazil - Roundel beads

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  • Truth
  • Heart Healing

Personal Story

The stories that I can tell about Green Kyanite. Oh boy!

Green Kyanite is one of my early favorite stones. I instantly drew to it like a moth to a candle. It has a host of varying properties. 

I used to carry this all the time back in my finance days. 

One – it helped discern who was telling me crap 
Two – I discovered it literally or energetically cloaked me. I would purposely carry this stone whenever I’m busy, don’t want to be bother, & the auditors are coming for their annual audits. It was perfect!!!!

This is also an amazing stone to work for spontaneous soul retrievals, journeying, akashic work, & deep heart healing.