Crystal Biz Coaching (6 Coaching Calls)

Crystal Biz Coaching (6 Coaching Calls)

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Are you passionate about crystals?

Do you love working with their energy?

Do you use them all around the house?

Are you always carrying at least one, two, or a dozen crystals on you? 

If so...then, let's turn your passion into profits!!!

Staring a crystal business is super simple...and armed with a crystal wholesale list, OMG!!!

You'll be making money with a snap of your fingers.

I started my crystal business 5+ years ago and it quickly ballooned to six figure profits after a few years. I started with a few hundred bucks in my pockets and it has grown ten, twenty, hundred, a thousand-fold. It went from a side hustle to a full blown, very profitable business. I learned a lot, I mean a lot, along the way, what works, what are time wasters, what sells, what doesn’t. I turned my passion, love of crystals to profits, big time.

I’m here to help you do the same.

Join me in a one-to-one 6-week coaching program and let's turn your passion into profits.

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