Crystal Biz Coaching (4+2 Coaching Calls)

Crystal Biz Coaching (4+2 Coaching Calls)

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Do you LOVE crystals?

Are you PASSIONATE about them?

Do you ENJOY being surrounded by them???

Do you have them all around your house?

If so…let’s turn your PASSION INTO A BUSINESS!

Starting a business is so super simple especially if you have a wholesale list.

Learn everything you need to know about starting your very own crystal business

So…why me? Why pick me at your coach???

I started my crystal business about 5 years ago. It was supposed to be a side business. It quickly became my main business. Today, post 2020, I helped other entrepreneurs start their own or add to their existing…everything they want to know about starting a crystal business…including a list of 10 crystal wholesalers.

This is 4 calls, following a structured program…or if you have an existing business already, customized. Two additional calls are available for Q&A.


(Please make sure to add to your address book.)