Channeled Message w/ Sandra Reading

Channeled Message w/ Sandra Reading

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Sandra has been communicating with Spirit since she was a small child. She first met her “special friends” at the age of 3 or 4. Her family, a long line of psychics and mediums, including a great grandmother who read cards from her kitchen table. It wasn’t until an incident with a neighbor and a family member that she realized her seeing, sensing, and knowing…are gifts or that it’s special.

You can choose a 30, 45, or 60-minute personalized reading with Sandra. All readings are remote by phone.

Common questions that some of her clients have asked include:

  • “I would like a general overview of what to expect in the next few months”
  • “I met this great guy. Do you see a long-term future for us?”
  • “I’m stuck in a dead-end job. What opportunities do you see coming my way?”
  • “I’m ready to retire. When am I going to be able to?”
  • “I have a business idea. Do you see this taking off?”
  • “Should I stay at my job or look for something better?”
  • “What do you see in my children’s future?”
  • “Will my daughter or son get marry?”
  • “When will I meet my partner?”
  • “Will this relationship last?” 



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