Bustamite Bracelet - South Africa - 10mm

Bustamite Bracelet - South Africa - 10mm

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  • Protective
  • Elevated Energy
  • Deep Healing

Personal Story

Two stone that are very close to my heart or I should say my well-being are Rhodonite & Bustamite. I know a lot of people gravitate toward the black tourmaline, labradorite, & other protective stones. These two, Rhodonite & Bustamite, are not only protective in terms of strengthening your energy, but also healing.

I look at healing from a chart perspective. (I know, this is so finance, right?) The line on the chart moves pretty steady and then a few bumps…then blip, a spike or two up and down…and then it goes back to normal.

If you look at it from a…let’s say having a cold. The line is pretty steady before you start feeling woozy…a few bumps. No big deal. You take a few cold medicines, sleep a little longer, almost good as new. Then blip, a fever, chills, night sweats. The cold medicine that you took might or might not help with a fever. You need something stronger.

I think of crystals along the same line. There are crystals, excellent crystals that help with the bumps…and then there are crystals that help with the spikes.

Taking a cold/fever medication at the onset of the cold might have prevented the fever completely or….it might as with a lot of medication that we take, without know their side effects, damage the body over the long term.

I personally use Rhodonite (for years) and Bustamite (more recently) for my own healing. Rhodonite is for the bumps and Bustamite is for the spikes.

For those of you who are into the multi-dimensional aspect of healing. Rhodonite is primary 4D, but it wavers between 3D – 5D. Bustamite is primary 5D, but it can dip down to 4D as well.