Black Tourmaline Bracelet - Brazil - 8mm

Black Tourmaline Bracelet - Brazil - 8mm

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  • Protective
  • Detoxing

The jury is still out if black tourmaline is a 5D stone. It seems to hover over 3D, 4D, & almost 5D, but not quite. Most people correlate B.T as a protection stone. I think of it as a detoxing stone. It pulls out or detox the body of unwanted energy. It doesn’t really stop the energy from coming at you.  If you walk into a landmine of unwanted energy, hmm… It will eventually work. Labradorite & Smoky Quartz are the other “well-known” protective stones. I think all three kind of hover close to 5D, The best protection is…not the protective stones.

Black tourmaline is good, and hence included in the newly remodeled shop again, because while we are transitioning or transitioned into a 5D world, our body, our physical body resides on the 3D density plane. So, our body, our 3D body needs to be cleanse, cleared, vibrating optimally, free of dis-ease…in order for us to maximize the 5D energy.

If you haven’t quite made it to 5D yet or maybe you’re like what???? What the hell are you talking about….5D. Are you talking about iPhone?


In the 5D plane, there is no such thing as protection…or I should say the need for protection. One sec…let me backtrack that. It’s not that you need protection. What 5D folks should be doing is pulling in that “toxic” energy, transmuting it, and sending it back out in love and light. While we do that, we have to make sure as 5D light beings that we don’t absorb or take that on as our own crap…hence the need for black tourmaline. It’s not the protection property that 5D folks need from the BT, but it’s detoxing property…if that makes sense.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, B.T. is really good to pull all that yucky energy out of your energetic field and help you feel much better.