Tangerine Quartz
Chakra: Sacral

Physical: Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Drain

Emotional: Petty, Taker, Always Want More, Jealousy 

Mental: Unfocused, Lack of Clarity, Difficulty in Learning, Slow Learning Ability, Too Focused on Non-Trivial Matters.

Message: I am proud of who I am.



Tangerose Starbrary Quartz
Chakra: Sacral

Physical: N/A 

Emotional: Selfish, Apathic 

Mental: Closed-Minded, Blaming Others for One’s Problems, Lack of Interest in Other People’s Problems, Lack of Ambition, Lack of Foocus 

Message: I am ready to transform.



Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments

Emotional: Unmoved, Uncaring, Indifferent, Grief, Heartbreaks, Emotionless

Mental: Defensive, Selfish, Insensitive, Guarded, Poker Face

Message: I allow myself to be vulnerable.


Tibetan Tektite
Chakra: Crown

Physical: N/A

Emotional: Unforgiving, Destructive, Undeserving

Mental: Shadow-Self, Closed Minded, Think Too Harshly, Overthinks

Message: Release. Let go. Trust.


Tiger Iron
Chakra: Root

Physical: Exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue, Caffeine Overload

Emotional: Drained, Blah

Mental: Give Up Mentality, Unmotivated, Uninterested, Don’t Care, Fuzzy Logic

Message: It’s okay if my body rests. It’s okay if my brain rest. It’s okay if I rest.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Digestive Issues

Emotional: Feeling of Lack, Always Giving, Tug-of-War with Sense of Self, Indecisive

Mental: Unworthiness, Low Self-Esteem, Wobbly Confidence

Message: I believe in myself & what I can accomplish.


Chakra: Sacral

Physical: Lethargic, Chronic Fatigue, Fertility Issues, Low Blood Pressure

Emotional: Tired of Life, Blah, Drain, Fatigue

Mental: Brain Fog, Give Up Mentality,

Message: I can persevere though anything.



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