Ocean jasper
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Qi (Energy) Circulation, Blood Circulation

Emotional: Dread, Stuffy, Lack, Withdrawn

Mental: Overly Responsible, Controlling, Lifeless, Anxiety,

Spiritual: I allow myself to go with the flow.



Chakra: Base

Physical: Bladder Issues, Leg Cramps

Emotional: Incomplete, Abandoned, Negative

Mental: Fearful, Anxious, Let Down

Spiritual: I am always moving forward in my life.


Orange Calcite
Chakra: Sacral

Physical: Digestive Issues, Weight. Issues, Bloating, PMS, Cramps

Emotional: Feeling Stuck, Jealous, Insecure

Mental: Stagnation, Frustrated, Rejected

Spiritual: I allow myself to be happy.



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