Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Clogged Airpipes, Sinus/Allergies, Poor Health

Emotional: Soft, Boundary Issues, Weak Willed, Scared

Mental: Pushover, Clingy, Narrow-Minded, Self-Centered. Trust Issues, Narcissist

Message: I am the creator of my own life.


Mangano Calcite
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments

Emotional: Heartaches, Uncaring, Disconnection, Shame

Mental: Bossy, Tyrant, Know-It-Al, Self-Critical, Seeing Oneself Harshly, Thoughtless

Message: I accept myself and others as they are.


Chakra: Crown

Physical: N/A 

Emotional: Helpless, Powerless, Inadequate,

Mental: Uninspired, Closed-Minded, Constricted, Disillusioned

Message: My mind can travel through worlds upon worlds. I am limitless.



Mookaite Jasper
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Digestive Issues, Bladder

Emotional: Miserable, Inadequate, Disappointed, Isolated

Mental: Intense, Egotistical, Disapproval, Mean-Spirited, Self-Punishment

Message: I take time to play and enjoy myself.


Chakra: Crown

Physical: PMS, Fertility Issues, Headaches

Emotional: Cold-Hearted, Insecure, Envy

Mental: Stagnant, Disinterested, Thoughtless,

Message: I am open to the world and what it brings.


Chakra: Heart


Emotional: Unloving, Grief, Unfeeling, Insensitive, Heartaches, Jealous

Mental: Dark-Minded, Possessive, Spiteful, Controlling, Depression, Hurtful

Message: I release all karma that no longer serves me.


Moss Agate
Chakra: Solar Plexus


Emotional: Grief, Helpless, Insecure, Suffering

Mental: Intolerant, Petty, Workaholic, Self-Critical, Rash

Message: Fun is my middle name.



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