Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Physical: Eye Strain, Earache, Sinus Issues

Emotional: Anxiety, Greed, Jealousy

Mental: Money Blocks, No Longer Believe in God or Higher Power, Egocentric, Mental Blocks

Message: I allow myself to see beyond what I can physically see.


Chakra: Crown

Physical: Migraines, Headaches, Tension Shoulders & Neck

Emotional: Anxiety, Chaos, Emotionally Hurt

Mental: Regrets, Unrest, Mistrust, Disappointments, Conflicted 

Message: I allow myself to breath...1…2…3…


Chakra: Crown

Physical: Pain, Headaches, Migraines

Emotional: Selfish, Apathic, Disregard, Uncompassionate

Mental: Anxiety, Too Money Focused, Conflicted, Unease, Single-Minded

Message: I am calm, collected, & everything will be alright.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Lower Back Pains, Buttock Pains, Bloating, Digestive Issues

Emotional: Selfish, Uncaring, Manipulative, Inauthentic 

Mental: Refuse to Grow Up, Irresponsible, Thoughtless, Disregard Others

Message: I stand straight and tall of who I am.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Digestive Tract Issues, Weight Gain, Energy Drains, Nauseousness

Emotional: Unloved, Lonely, Disappointed, Regrets

Mental: Unease, Two Faced, Uncomfortable, Pessimist

Message: Today is a day for me to learn. Tomorrow is a day for me to take action.


Shiva Lingam
Chakra: Root

Physical: Impotence, Fertility Issues,

Emotional: Boundary Issues, Hard Time Saying No, Unstable, Lost

Mental: Aggressive, Pushover, Extreme, Indecisive, Gemini

Message: I am centered & balanced.


Chakra: Root

Physical: EMF Exposure, Bladder issues

Emotional: Boundary Issues

Mental: Spaciness, Lack of Focus or Clarity, Not Productive Thinking

Message: I am focused, aware, and fully attentive.


Smoky Quartz
Chakra: Base

Physical: Tiredness, Fatigue, Energy Drain

Emotional: Unstable, Extreme Mood Swings

Mental: Irresponsible, Lack of Focus or Clarity, Lack of Follow Through, Non-Productive

Message: With each step I stay connected with this planet/Earth even more.


Snowflake Obsidian
Chakra: Base

Physical: Bladder Issues

Emotional: Harsh, Demanding, Fickle

Mental: Shadow-Self, Self-Destruction, Excessive Worries, Anxiety, Perfectionist

Message: I let go of control.


Chakra: Third Eye

Physical: Eye Strains, Migraines

Emotional: Disinterested, Unsatisfied, Stoic

Mental: Anxiety, Worrying Too Much, Insecurity, Comparative Thinking

Message: I am fully in tune with my body.


Spirit Cactus Quartz
Chakra: Crown

Physical:  N/A

Emotional: Lost, Indecisive, Too Dependent on Others, Clingy

Mental: Nightmares, Disillusion, Mistrust, Addiction, Lack of Clarity, Unfocused

Message: When I need answers, I ask the Universe.


Starbrary Quartz
Chakra: Transpersonal 

Physical: N/A

Emotional: Stuck, Stagnant, Petty, Speak Ill of Everybody, Gossipy

Mental: Irresponsible, Always Blaming Others, Pointing Finger, Delusional, Narrow-Minded

Message: I am ready for the transformation.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Breathing Problems, Constricted Valves

Emotional: Stuck, Frustrated, Conflicted, Unsure

Mental: Avoid Risks, Afraid of Taking Chances, Always Think of What Can Go Wrong, Think Small, Can’t/Won’t See a Bigger Picture

Message: I believe in myself.


Chakra: Crown

Physical: Chemotherapy, Cancer

Emotional: Denial, Abuse, Inauthentic

Mental: Avoidance, Irresponsible, Refuse to Face Reality, Low Self-Confidence

Message: I fully take charge of my life.


Chakra: Sacral

Physical: Digestive Issues, Stomach Issues, Fertility Issues, Insomnia

Emotional: Blue, Grief, Blah, Directionless

Mental: Depression, Unmotivated, Impatient, Lost of Interest

Message: I create my own sunshine.



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