Rainbow Moonstone
Chakra: Third Eye

Physical: Migraine, Headaches, PMS

Emotional: Moody, Overbearing, Manipulative

Mental:  Overthink, Self-Centered, Egotistical

Message: I am always in tune with myself.


Rainbow Obsidian
Chakra: Base

Physical: Trauma, Kidney Issues

Emotional: Sadness, Grief, Feeling “Blah”, Indifferent

Mental: Depression, Fearful, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Self-Criticism, Shadow Work

Message:  Trust. Release. Let Go.


Red Aventurine
Chakra: Root

Physical: Poor Health, Bladder Problems

Emotional: Inferior, Low Self-Esteem, Easy Route

Mental: Self-Pity, “Poor me” mentality, Victim, Difficulty or Trauma Early in Life

Message: My life begins and ends with me.


Red Calcite

Physical: Fertility Issues, Kidney Issues, Internal Organ Failure

Emotional: Money Blocks, Feeling “Lack”, Family Boundary Issues, Guilt

Mental: Fuzzy Thinking, Blurry Right & Wrong Lines, Not Worthy

Message: I am worth my weight in gold.


Red Jasper
Chakra: Root

Physical: Poor Health, Bruises, Cuts

Emotional: Total Mess, Unable to Stand on One’s Two Feet, Money Blocks

Mental: Lack of Focus or Clarity, Lack of Foresight, Not Grounded.

Message: I am in full control of my own life.


Red Tiger Eye
Chakra: Root

Physical: Kidney Issues, Liver Issues, Bloating

Emotional: Moodiness, Extreme Fluctuation in Emotions, Jealousy

Mental: Imbalance, Boredom, Unmotivated, Indifferent

Message: I am centered, balanced, & fully in my body.


Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Bronchial Problems

Emotional: Heartaches, Grief, Loss,

Mental: Outsider, Unappreciated, Ungrateful

Message: I am grateful for everything I have.


Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Infections, Bruises

Emotional: Emotional Wounds, Trauma, Heartbreaks

Mental: Hardship, Give Up, Blocks, Roadblocks

Message: I can conquer all my challenges.


Rose Amethyst
Chakra: Crown

Physical: N/A

Emotional: Feeling Blue, Feeling Let Down by Life

Mental: Anxiety, Worries, Panic Attack, Hard Choices

Message: I am always connected to the Universe.


Rose Quartz
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments

Emotional: Grief, Heartbreaks, Unloved, Lonely

Mental: Self-Pity, Depression, Self-Destruction

Message: I am loved always.


Chakra: Root

Physical: Bladder Issues, Weight Gain, Fertility Issues

Emotional: Irresponsible, Arrogance, Narcissist  

Mental: Overeating, Bulimia, Anorexia, Instability,

Message: I take responsibility for my actions.


Ruby in Zoiste
Chakra: Root, Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Bladder Issues

Emotional: Money Blocks, Relationships Tug-of-War,  

Mental: Unstable, Early Childhood Trauma, Distrust

Message: I am fully capable and stronger than I think I am.



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