Peach Aventurine
Chakra: Sacral

Physical: Poor Health, Poor Digestion, Stomach Issues

Emotional: Constraint, Deplete, Stuck,

Mental: Struggle, Reckless, Languish, Unmotivated, Scarcity

Message: I flow with the Universe.



Pink Calcite
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Stiff Upper Back

Emotional: Worthless, Disheartened, Lost, Angry

Mental: Abuse, Trauma, Limited Beliefs, Self-Sabotage, Fragmented

Message: I am worthy!


Pink Danburite
Chakra: Heart, Crown, Higher Heart

Physical: Heart Ailments, Lung Issues, 

Emotional: Unloved, Lonely, Heartbreak, Feeling Small, Un-compassionate 

Mental: Trauma, Egotistical, Narcissist, Bully, 

Message: I and my higher self are intertwined. 


Pink Lodolite
Heart, Crown, Higher Heart

Physical: N/A

Emotional: Unloved, Lonely, Heartbreak

Mental: Violated, Trauma, Threatened, Disappointment, Directionless

Message: I am always connected to my higher heart.


Pink Tourmaline
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Lung or Heart Issues, Sinus/Allergies

Emotional: Hurt, Heartaches, Sadness, Grief, Distress, Unhappiness

Mental: Betrayal, Despondency, Envy

Message: I release all that do not serve me. 


Chakra: Heart

Physical: Digestive Issues, Breathing Problems, Obesity

Emotional: Overwhelmed, Bitter, Resentment, Broken Heart

Mental: Stubborn, Regretful, Missed Opportunity

Message: I release all. I release all. I release all. 


Chakra: Solar Plexus, Base

Physical: Lethargic, Weak Ankle, Malabsorption

Emotional: Excessive Indulging, Helpless, Weak

Mental: Rejected, Scared, Nervous, Inconsistent, Lazy. Give Up

Message: I am strong, stronger than I think I am. 



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