Chakra: All

Physical: Poor Health, Always Getting Sick, Leaking Energy, Holes in the Auric Field

Emotional: Drained, Pushover, Doormat

Mental: Worries, Fearful, Overly Protective

Message: I am always protected.


Lapis Lazuili
Chakra: Third Eye

Physical: Headaches, Migraine, Toothaches

Emotional: Fussy, Uninterested, Indifferent, Don’t Care Anymore 

Mental: Overwhelmed, Stagnant, Short-Sightedness, Unreasonable, Egocentric

Message: I am always surrounded by my guides



Chakra: Throat

Physical: Cough, Sore Throat, Dehydrated

Emotional: Uncaring, Emotionless, Cold, Indifferent

Mental: Strict, Perfectionist, Grew Up Too Quickly, Too Serious, Self-Critical, Hard

Message: It’s okay. I can have fun too!


Chakra: Third Eye

Physical: Bladder Issues, Urinary Infection, Fertility Issues 

Emotional: Left Out, Friendless, Angry

Mental: Fearful, Inflexible, Unmotivated

Message: I am always protected


Chakra: Crown

Physical: Insomnia, Headaches, Hearing Loss

Emotional: Conflicted, Uncaring, Overburdened

Mental: Stressed, Overwhelmed, Addictions, Rigid, Inflexible, Nervous 

Message: Release. Let go. Breathe. Repeat.



Lilac Lepidolite
Chakra: Crown

Physical: Insomnia, Tension Headaches, TMJ, Digestive Issues

Emotional: Uptight, Tense, Conflicted

Mental: Panic Attacks, Excessive Fears, Addictions, Unable to Unwind

Message: It’s okay to relax. I allow myself to relax.


Lithium Quartz
Chakra: Crown

 Physical: High Blood Pressure, TMJ, Insomnia, Headaches

Emotional: Nervous Wreck, Agitated 

Mental: Stress, Overwhelmed, Fearful, Depression, Worried, Troubled Mind

Message: I find peace wherever I go.




Chakra: Base

Physical: Weak Ankles, Poor Circulation, Cold Hands & Feet

Emotional: Emotional Rollercoaster, Feeling Unsecured

Mental: Unfocused, Difficulty in Completing Tasks, Frazzled, Easily Overwhelmed

Message: I am strong, single-minded, & I can do this.



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