Hawk's Eye
Chakra: Throat

Physical: Tight Shoulders, Stiff Neck, Chest Congestion, Sinus Issues

Emotional: Insecurity, Powerless, Overbearing, Withdrawn 

Mental: Nervousness, Panic Attacks, Arrogant

Message: I know who I am. 


Healer's Gold
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Bladder Issues, Weak Ankle

Emotional: Feeling Wobbly

Mental: Poor Me, Lack or Low Willpower, Codependency

Message:  I am fully capable, able to take care of myself


Chakra: Root, Base

Physical: Poor Circulation, Lower Back Pain, Stiffness

Emotional: Wishy-Washy, Obstinate, Heartless

Mental: Not Reliable, Low Productivity, Lack of Focus/Will, Give Up, Lack Motivation

Message: I will persevere no matter what.


Herkimer Diamond
Chakra: Crown

Physical: N/A

Emotional: Feeling Insignificant, Feeling Stuck

Mental: Unfocused, Lack Clarity, Unmotivated, Lack Inspirations

Message: The world is opening up right in front of me.


Chakra: Heart

Physical: Hoarseness, Wheezing

Emotional: Grief, Remorse, Heartaches

Mental: Overwhelmed, Anguish, Resentful

Message: I release my heartaches, pain, & trauma to the Universe.


Holley Blue Agate
Chakra: Crown

Physical: Headaches, Migraine, Tight Shoulders, Difficulty in Swallowing

Emotional: Feeling Lost, Unnerved

Mental: Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelmed, Feeling Weighted Down, Panic Attacks

Message: I am able to tackle anything in front of me.


Honey Calcite
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Digestive Issues, Obesity,

Emotional: Hoarding, Stuck or Stagnant

Mental: Inability to let go of the past, holding onto external things to feel comforted, Still living in the past, Overwhelmed

Message:  I release what no longer serve me.



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