Chakra: Root

Physical: Bladder Issues, Foot or Leg Problems, Muscle Cramps (Lower Half of the Body)

Emotional: Low Confidence, Feeling Tired & Old, Worn Out

Mental: I Can’t Do This, Survival Beliefs, Giving Up, Unable to Handle Life Challenges

Message: I am stronger than I think I am.


Gaspeite (tm)
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Lung Health, Chronic Issues, Asthma

Emotional: Feeling Drained or Empty, Grief, Despair

Mental: Limiting Beliefs, Down on Your Luck, When the World Feels Like Nothing Can Go Right

Message: My arms are open to receive.


Golden Labradorite
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Strained Eyesight, Digestive Issues, Nutrients Absorption

Emotional: Lonely, Sad, Unhappy

Mental: Depression, Anguish, Down On Your Luck

Message: You are my sunshine. I am my sunshine. I make myself happy…


Golden Quartz
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Slow Digestion

Emotional: Self-Pity, Lack of Willpower, Feeling Insignificant

Mental: Lack of Focus, Thinking Small, Blocked Opportunities, Unable to Plan Ahead

Message: I allow myself to expand (energetically, growth, opportunities) ten-foot wide.


Golden Rutilated Quartz
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Physical: Hair Loss, DNA Damage

Emotional: Feeling Stuck

Mental: Lack of Focus, Mental Blocks, Giving Up

Message: I AM an adult. I await help from the other side. 


Green Aventurine
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Poor Health, Poor Digestion, Heart/Lung Constriction, Cold, Breathing Problems

Emotional: Feeling Unwell, Emotionally Drained, Feeling Stuck or Stagnant

Mental: Brain Fog, Inability to See the Big Picture, Unwilling to Learn

Message: Opportunities are always opening for me. 


Green Calcite
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Asthma, Lung or Sinus Issues,

Emotional: Greed, Jealousy, Grief

Mental: Limited Thinking, Unfocused/Cloudy Mind

Message: I am letting go of what no longer serves me.  


Green Kyanite
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Poor Heart & Lung Health,

Emotional: Extreme Mood Swings, Feeling Short-Changed in Relationships, Uncompassionate

Mental: Self-Doubt, Narrow Mindedness, Distrust, Superiority Complex

Message: I trust my heart & mind fully.


Green Opal
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Eye Strains, Headaches, Physical Heart Issues

Emotional: “Me, Me, Me, Me”, Self-Pity

Mental: Unreasonable, Rigid, Hard to Please

Message: Luck follows me wherever I go.


Green Tourmaline
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Heart & Lung Issues, Breathing Problems

Emotional: Stuck, Heartaches, Grief

Mental: Inability to See the Light at the End of the Tunnel, Short-sightedness, Stagnant

Message: I am one with the Universe. I allow my worries to flow out to the Universe to be transmuted.


Green Tourmalined Quartz
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Lung Issues

Emotional: Petty, Jealous

Mental: Limited Thoughts & Beliefs, Stubborn, Not Will to Take Chances, Oblivious, Acting Like a Know-It-All

Message: I am continually expanding, growing, & learning.


Green Sardonyx
Chakra: Heart

Physical: Hearth & Lung Issues, Breathing Problems, Asthma, Cold, Sore Throat

Emotional: Slighted, Disheartened, Grief

Mental: Self-Doubt, Distrust, Disbelief, Regrets, Cynicism

Message: Luck follows me wherever I go.



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