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Sandra is an amazing, amazing psychic medium who I had the pleasure of sitting down with as a client. She was gifted with clairvoyance and claircognizant at a very young age. She started seeing others (Spirit & those who had passed) before she even learned to speak.  She now channels messages from love ones on the other side. 

Sandra offers 30, 45, or 60-minute readings.

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Card #1

Tarot Draconis

by Davide Corsi



Physical and Spiritual renewal is possible and at your disposal. It is a requirement to live a healthier and more enjoyable everyday life.

Grab this renewal when you can, whether five minutes here and there or take a longer respite.  The body and spirit need to be refreshed.

Have a spa day or week!  At very least, at end of a day take a damp cloth (temperature of your choosing) and lovingly graciously say thank you to your bare feet .... from heel to toes (and ankles)

Thank them for carrying you, steadying you on your journeys. 

This is also a time for sharing knowledge in Intimate settings. 

Either surround yourself with like-minded or invite one or two who think differently and learn from each other.

Have discussions about everything.  We can do so respectfully and politely. This is called Love Sharing.

This card represents the Secrets of the, keep your secrets if that feels correct.  Do they protect you or someone else?  

Perhaps some secrets no longer matter. And some secrets need to wait awhile longer to work the full potential of the magic surrounding them...  this is Karma.

So many options with stories in our lives.  

Above all, this message reminds you to honor your sovereignty, friends, family,  loves (past, current and future)

Hold your worth to a higher standard.  This is confidence and self-love not hubris.



Card #2

Gilded Tarot Royale

by Ciro Marchetti




On the lighter side this card represents exactly what you are looking for... Yay!  Joy, Happiness, Success, Bright Futures... clouds clearing.

Sun is fire, so tend to home fires - both the tempers and the passion.

If with a partner, stoke that flame!

Currently single? If by choice, enjoy the sunbeams from your own heart and hearth.

If looking, be proactive... send up the solar flares, make sure you can be seen!  

Prevent getting burned or burned out by knowing your Boundaries Intimately!  How close do you want to get to the flame?

Absorb any dark corners of your emotions, memories, life... by shining light onto them. Take them out, examine them and then hold what no longer serves you and call in True Solar Power.

** Caution, some require assistance with that last part... Journaling, a good friend's ear, or a more professional type talking.

Now is a good time to be renewed and rejuvenated! If in a colder climate, find ways to supplement the benefits that are normally received from the wonderful Giving Sun.

Venture outside or stay behind a window... but, close your eyes, turn face towards Grandfather Sky, send up intentions of gratitude and receive the warmth of Unconditional Healing Love.

Card #3

Angel & Ancestors Oracle Deck

by Kyle Gray


Let go of the need to be right.

This message is about reaching a peace not previously known or perhaps experienced, but it was then lost, misplaced, ignored. 

In Native American or Native Indian culture, they tell of White Buffalo Woman.  She will find a way to bring or help you create harmony around you, family, community and by extension... the World...

All of Turtle Island 

Her medicine encourages and strengthens all resolve to take the higher path to peace.  

-Whether it's from an outside attack or pressure to reach a conclusion quickly, White Buffalo Woman will guide your 'being' to bridge peace, calm and achieve a period of serenity. 

This doesn't mean surrender your character or morals…but locating the balance to move through each moment and decision with comfort and grace.

Stand up for Truth and Love... and you will be at Peace.






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