~ How to communicate with your crystals

~ How to create your own crystal dictionary

~ How to take care of your crystals

~ Chakras & their corresponding stones

~ Crystals & their properties



~ Blending feng shui with crystals 

~ Enhancing your intuition

~ How to do crystal healing on yourself 



~ Crystal Recommendation for various health challenges 

~ Connecting the dot between physical health and emotional/mental health

~ How do give crystal readings 

~ How to heal the body with feng shui



~ Manifesting with crystal grids

~ How to create a multi-layered crystal grid 


Who is this membership for?

Beginners who are new to crystals and want to learn how to use crystals for personal use.

Intermediates who have some crystal knowledge and want to incorporate crystals in their practices, such as Reiki Practitioners, Feng Shui Consultants, and Life Coaches.

Crystals Lovers who want to continue to expand and learn about crystals. 




“Although she has studied and apprenticed extensively, Susan has a deep knowing about crystals that comes from within. She has great intuition that I often tap into when requiring some crystal knowledge. She has great integrity and an authentic desire to help others – a true energy healer.” – Maureen K. Calamia, feng shui author, teacher, consultant 

“Susan amazes me each and every time she does a workshop. Her knowledge of crystals and stone is unbelievable. Her ability to match stones with your energy and your needs amazes me. If you are looking for someone to educate you on crystals, I would recommend talking to Susan first. She is the only person I go to.”Jessica Harris, Owner of Glowing Energy

“Susan has helped me a lot with her knowledge and her stones. She intuitively knew which stones I needed and was able to put together for me what stones would would work for me. It has cut my anxiety in half. It has helped me a lot. Susan’s knowledge and her willingness to share what she knows goes beyond anything I have ever seen. I have been so blessed to have been able to work with her. I was able to sell my house in only a month and with her advice of decluttering, many more blessings have come into my life. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs any help.”  – CYogirn Dina, Yoga Instructor, Nurse


“Susan is a wealth of information when it comes to crystals. She really knows her stuff. I would reach out to her whenever I’m stumped as to what crystal to recommend for a friend or client. She has taken her crystal knowledge to a whole new level, from providing detail information on how to use crystals for all type of health challenges. I am totally impressed and love her energy.” ~ S, Psychic Medium


“Susan Chu has a wonderful knowledge of crystals; I trust her to tell me which crystal is right for me when I need it. Her extensive knowledge of crystals blended with intuition makes her a very reliable crystal healer/teacher to go to. We communicate via distance and if I were close I would be the first to book in for crystal/crystal reiki workshops or creating grids. Even the first aid with crystals is a wonderful tool Susan has created.” ~ Cassandra Hansen, Healer

“Susan has amazing insight into the properties and uses of crystals. I have purchased many unique and powerfully engerized crystals from Susan for both myself and my son. Susan’s guidance with using crystals for challenging life issues has been invaluable to us! I’m so grateful for her knowledge, energy, and compassion!” ~ Kathleen Spencer, Guidance Counselor



“I have known Susan M. Chu for several years now. She truly never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and insights into crystals!! (As well as her extremely keen sense of intuition.) Her expertise on crystals of all types and her vast experience with each of their energies is amazing!! She knows which crystals emit the energy needed for ailments, issues and desires. I always enjoy spending time with Susan and I always learn something new from her that I apply to my life.”  – Deborah Spencer

“I have had some major experiences with crystals lately! So, when I ordered my beautiful bracelets, I asked if there was anything else that I needed. Susan told me she had a piece of selenite that was saying “me me me” to her. So I took her word for it and ordered it. I have been a chronic pain sufferer my whole life and I deal with horrible migraines. She suggested putting it under my pillow if I had a headache. So one night I had a migraine coming on and I stuck it under my pillow. When I woke up the migraine was literally gone! That has never happened before! I have been sleeping with it under my pillow every night since and… Get this… I have not had a migraine since! Oh my Goddess! Thank you so much!!!! I’m literally blown away!” ~ Qat Wanders, Publisher 

 “Susan’s knowledge and insight have provided me with a deep understanding of the why and how the stones resonate with me. Yes, she knows the simple book information but she also knows the deeper truths and how the stone can assist in real life. She knew specific stones that align with my needs. Her Crystal First Aid plus my own personal stones have brought an energetic shift and alignment to my own energy and vibration. If you are being called to know more about crystals, working and learning with Susan is life changing.” ~ Rhonda F 






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