I think feng shui is one of those terminology that many people seem to struggle with or have a hard time defining. If you never had the need to hire a feng shui consultant, you might be wondering what is it, why is it important, or even do you really need to care?

There are a lot of talk about energy, qi, or chi in feng shui. If you are not in the health and wellness profession or interested in it from a personal level, I find that it might be a foreign concept to understand.

We all know what we do like. We all know what we don’t like. We buy, shop, obtain, own, surround ourselves with what we love, like, or resonate with. So, if you love the color red, you wouldn’t want to decorate your home with the color blue, right? You wouldn’t want stuff around you that you don’t like or are unsightly or you don’t resonate with. Of course, then there is the question…why do we have clutter? That’s like a pink elephant in the room issue in feng shui which we will not cover here.

Okay. So, let’s go back to colors. If you love, love, with a capital L, the color red, you might want to paint your walls red, buy red furniture, or add splashes of red everywhere.

If you were to look for house, a co-op, or an apartment, would you buy a house that you resonate with or one that you don’t?

The answer is simple…OR…is it?

The answer is going to depend on whose perspective you are looking at it from – real estate agent or feng shui consultant…because the answer might surprise you.

From a real estate perspective, you probably have a list of criteria such as # of bedrooms, size of a kitchen, a patio, etc. Other criteria might be cost, location, elevator, doorman. Now if you were to choose between two comparable properties with very similar characteristics, how would you choose? How would you decide which one to purchase…or which one to put in an offer for?

Let’s go back to…what we resonate with. We would, given all things equal, from a real estate perspective, choose a home that we would feel comfortable in. From a feng shui perspective, because we are choosing like attract like, whatever faults, whatever karma we are carrying, whatever energy we holding onto, whatever lessons we need to learn; we are going to attract or feel comfortable in a home with similar energy.

So, if you are in poor health or if you have a compromised immune system or if you are prone to getting sick all the time, you might on a subconsciously level choose a home with a bathroom or remodel a home with a bathroom in the center of the house. In feng shui, having the bathroom or the kitchen in the center of the house is possibly the worst placement for either.

Let’s take a look at it from a food perspective. You might love, love, love carrots but your body really needs broccoli. You love eating carrots, but broccoli…ewww 

Should you eat what you resonate with and like or…the opposite?

Choosing the perfect home is actually much more complicated than choosing what you want and like. It is always good to hire a feng shui consultant before you purchase (rather than after) because they are going to see your potential home from a very different perspective.


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