When I first set out to do a series of interviews, I wanted my readers to be inspired; I wanted to be inspired. What better way than to interview people who have the audacity to follow their calling? My initial intention was to interview other feng shui practitioners, but as the project took on a life of its own, it grew to include other non-traditional career treks. How many kids do you know dream of being a feng shui consultant or an energetic healer? I’m guessing, not many.

Over the course of this year, I will be writing a series of interview blogs that I hope you find interesting, insightful, inspiring, and enlightening. Some of these individuals are groundbreakers for their respective fields and mentors for the next generation. Life has a way of taking us to where we need to be.

Enjoy, comment, and please share!

Our first guest in this interviewing series is Tina Falk. Tina does, among other things, feng shui. As this is also the start of the year, Tina will be providing us with some very helpful feng shui tips.

I met Tina through the International Feng Shui Guild. 

Tina’s motto is… 

“I’m all about keeping it real, keeping it practical… and keeping it light!” 

Tina’s work encompasses several schools of feng shui – Form, Classical, and BTB. She also overlays her work with chakra and numerology. Tina has studied with Trina West, Buddhist Master Thay Ba Huynh, and Mary Shurtleff, to name a few.

Tina, why feng shui? What drew you to feng shui?

“I was drawn to feng shui because I knew I had to live life differently than what was modeled to me by my parents and those around me. I watched and saw how unhappy they were. I wanted to live life with purpose, create meaningful and deeper connections with the world around me.

Feng shui is a way of life for me. It is the foundation of the decisions I make for myself, with others, and how I run my business. Knowing that there are consequences to every choice I make, helps me be present and make choices with wisdom.

I share feng shui because it has brought so much clarity and meaning to my life.”

What do you dislike most about feng shui?

“I dislike how it is perceived by others. It is a very complex system that is quite unique to each individual.”

Why do you think feng shui is not as widely accepted in the West as in the East?

“This question is complex as there are such unique and varied influences of beliefs. America is a melting pot of different ideals and values.  Feng shui did not originate here, so it is questioned and dismissed.”

For someone who is totally new to feng shui, how should he/she get started?

“I always begin with a 4 Pillar Astrology reading. From my experience, such huge insights are revealed and people are inspired and eager to learn more!”

Can you give an example on how the 4 Pillar Reading can be used?

“I would love to work with teachers in understanding their students through Chinese Astrology. We hear teachers of school-aged children say things like, ‘I had the best class last year, but this year the kids are driving me crazy!’ If we could educate teachers on the character traits of the current age they are working with, then they could be much better prepared to assist the children in having a successful year. A group of children born during a Rabbit year is quite different than those born during a Rooster year.”

Let’s turn our focus to homeowners. Any recommendations or suggestions for anyone who is looking to buy their first home?

“Cast away the stories you’ve heard that buying and selling a home will be arduous. Create an experience that you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Write a wish list of how you want the experience to be (use present tense only). Place the list in a silver box or wrap it in a silver ribbon, then place that in the northwest area of your home. Be mindful of what you want to attract.”

Any recommendations or suggestions for homeowners?

“Maximize the Landform. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what we do to the inside of your home if the land and surrounding structures are not supporting you 

How you greet the chi at your front door is critical. Is the path to your home free of obstructions, well lit, inviting, and safe?

“Remove the NO Soliciting signs from your front door. Keep all messages positive.”

If someone develops serious health issues, any recommendations or suggestions?

“In feng shui, we are always looking for the core of the issue. Physical health issues are a manifestation of emotional challenges that haven’t been healed. We have to change the inside. Otherwise, you will fall right back into the same old pattern. Who you are on the inside is reflected in the space you create for yourself.”

What is one question you get asked over and over again?

“‘How do I create more balance in my life?’ I am careful how I use the term ‘balance.’ For me, when the scale is balanced, movement stops. Life becomes stagnant. Rather, I strive for ‘harmony.’ When the choir comes together and sings in harmony, they can truly take that energy anywhere they want. We each play our own special part…but it’s in harmony with everything else.”

Can you share with us one of the many interesting feng shui stories that you must come across?

“Yes, I had recommended one of my clients to move. Their home was on the side of a mountain in Park City, Utah.  The Dragon side of the home was on a steep down slope and next to an empty lot without trees. The Tiger side was very high. After visiting the couple, and reviewing their 4 Pillar Astrology charts, the wife left to pick up their daughters from art class. While she was gone, the husband went on to tell me what a bully his wife had become. The female Tiger side had too much energy and power over his weak and declining Dragon side. There was no balance within their relationship. They insisted on staying in the home. I agreed to place an esoteric cure on his side to level the ‘playing field.’ Within 6 months, they called and had both agreed that moving would be best. The woman told me she had 5 girlfriends, who lived further up the hill, who were all going through divorces. Living on these steep inclines is very challenging, even for the strongest and most successful people.”

(Note: If you are standing outside facing the house, the green dragon is on the left and the white tiger is on the right.)

Any advice for our readers this year (2016)?

“Water is weak. Drink more water, spend more time in water. Water is healing and helps bring clarity into our communication and vision. With the hot-tempered and chaotic energy of the Fire Monkey, we all need water to cool things down.”

Thank you, Tina, for your time and valuable information. I know everybody will get so much out of this as did I. One very last question, how can we learn more about you and what you have to offer?

“Contact Info:

Tina Falk, BFA-VC, CFSP, L.I.F.E. Master

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Chinese Astrologer, Mentor and Teacher



Etsy Store:”

(This article was originally published on April 12, 2016.)

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