Welcome everyone to another edition of the Visionary Corner. Our next guest is an expert on one of the most important topics of today – Baubiologie or Building Biology. She is also the founder of Re-Nature Feng Shui™. Her philosophy is “We need to restore nature back into our lives, our homes, and spirits.”

Welcome Maureen, I am so happy to have you here.

Let’s start with a few basic questions, shall we? Please share with us a little about yourself. What was your childhood like and when did you first discover your interest in Feng Shui and Baubiologie?

"I grew up on Long Island in the late 1960s and 70s. The first inkling I had about my future career was after watching “Soylent Green” at my friend’s house – a movie about the future that was truly scary. The scene that most impacted me was not the food one (although that was awful!) but when one of the main characters went in for euthanasia and was shown a movie showing them beautiful nature, which they never saw in their lives: trees, flowers, the ocean, birds, etc. I probably was only eight or nine. I had nightmares about it and swore that MY future was not going to be anything like that! That is when I became an environmentalist." 

How does our environment impact our health and well-being?

"Of course there is the basic connection of toxins in the environment leading to health issues. But more importantly, and what most people don’t truly acknowledge, is the impact of impoverished natural environments on our psyche and spiritual souls."

What are some of the problematic areas of our homes and home-building practices that we need to pay closer attention to and why? 

"During the last century, building construction and practices have gone through a tremendous evolu-tion. We are now surrounded by chemicals and manmade furnishings and objects. Because of the need for housing, we build homes everywhere, regardless of the health and beauty of the land. We get spaces like “the projects” which house multitudes of lower income families – packing them in effi-ciently – with high quantity and low quality.

Even luxury homes are not safe. The quality and craftsmanship of many luxury homes is deplorable. In addition, we lack the ritual of blessing the land and giving thanks before construction. The earth is plowed over without regard to the energy of the life there. As the Dalai Lama said, “It’s a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room.”

What is the best way to incorporate nature back into our homes and lives?

"First, it is absolutely important to be in the present moment. To be aware and observe nature does not take any more time. It takes conscious effort. Look up at the sky – notice the sun and the shade and light as it moves across the sky. Pay attention, even for a single moment, to the blue jay that comes singing by your window. These little bits are what makes life rich.

Secondly, is “bringing the light” into your home. Natural materials have such a higher vibration than manmade ones. They bring greater energy and light to your home. Perhaps adding a stone floor, a natural crystal next to your chair, vibrant plants to help with toxins and proper moisture in the room, larger windows to take in the natural light, planting flowers that attract butterflies so you can enjoy them outside your window. There are so many wonderful ways to connect with nature in our homes!"

We seem to be consuming more and more on this planet. In your opinion, how does this impact our environment and the planet?

"Although so many items add great convenience in our lives, I do wish that there would be more bans on the manufacture of plastics. I believe it is one of the worst manmade materials. Sure there are great, important uses for them (i.e., medical uses), but for convenience sake? That should be banned. The “great plastic garbage island” in the Pacific Ocean is a huge wakeup call." 

I know you are well-versed in dowsing as well. Can you tell us a little about it and in what context do you use it?

"Dowsing is a tool to discover earth energy lines and places where energy gathers. These places can be either negative or positive-charged. Oftentimes, the energy of these places is influenced either for good or bad by human activity. I primarily help clients by locating and remedying negative energy spaces to improve mind-body-spirit. I also help them find positive energy to support and nourish them in their homes."

In your opinion, how can humanity help heal the Earth?

"The most important thing anyone can do is to work on themselves and raise their own vibration and energy. If we each take responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and actions, we will greatly influence the healing of this planet. Like in Power Vs. Force, by David Hawkins, Ph.D., the influence of positive people is exponentially greater than negative people. So we don’t need a majority to have an influ-ence. Perhaps only 5% of humanity needs to become “enlightened” to make a significant change. That is what I find most hopeful!"

Given the opportunity, what would be one place that you would love to feng shui?

"Oh, that is an interesting question. Perhaps a prison! My husband used to work in the NYC jail system and I always felt that there is such potential for improvement in everyone’s lives. If I was able to par-ticipate in a research project where we were able to PROVE that the environment has a significant positive impact on that population, if they were able to see how people can raise their energy out of negative patterns of behavior … I think that would be awesome! By the way, there has been some work in prisons in Europe – I believe somewhere in Scandinavia – where they incorporated more con-nection to nature in those buildings and found that, indeed, the environment had a positive impact."

What do you say to people who are non-believers of feng shui, baubiologie, or dowsing?

"That’s okay. Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, we are ALL effected by our environments regardless of what we believe. It’s proven in thousands of studies in environmental psychology. Our environment impacts us on a subconscious level – sometimes it’s conscious, too."

Have you encountered bullying or resistance from people who are non-believers?

"Yes, a bit. I once went to a networking event and several men made fun of feng shui – in a bullying way. I decided never to return there! Sometimes clients’ partners are non-believers. That is okay. Sometimes during the consultation, something I say will resonate with them and maybe it opens their mind a bit, to reflect on it. At least reflecting and considering the possibilities! That’s all I want." 

Have you ever advised a client to move due to their feng shui?

"Two times I advised clients to move. Both, luckily, had other places they owned that they could move into. (Of course I knew that before I told them to move!) They both thrived in their new spaces!"

If you were to design a home from scratch and knowing everything that you know now, what are some of the things that are “must haves”?

"The land MUST feel good. The wildlife and vegetation must be healthy and thriving there. Large win-dows for great natural light. Large beautiful trees to shade the house. The last home I lived in (before feng shui) had only two trees (one of them we planted!) The house we live in now is roughly the same lot size yet we have 30+ maple, oak and dogwood trees. You cannot make up for lack of trees!"

What projects are you currently working on?

"My consultations are typically quick projects. However, I am working on a book called Creating Lumi-nous Spaces: Shift the Energy of Your Home & Ignite Your Personal Power. It’s a long project, but I hope to have it completed by end of 2016."

How do feng shui, baubiologie, and dowsing impact us on a day to day basis?

"It’s all about our energy. Positive energy supports us and negative energy drains us. These are all powerful tools we can use to create better environments to live and work."

And lastly, how can our readers learn more about you?

"They can visit my website at “What is Your True Nature?” is a fun quiz that will help you learn about your primary element (wood, fire, earth, metal or water) and what you can do to support it in your home. I also have a Live Online professional certification program, Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Program. There’s more information here:"

(This article was originally published on October 16, 2016.)


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