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Today, we will be talking with Laurent Langlais. Laurent studied Classical (Compass) Feng Shui and is very well versed in the 4 Pillars also known as Bazi. He studied these Eastern metaphysics with Chinese masters in Asia to meld these powerful and esoteric teachings into his practice.

Laurent, can you share a little about yourself? What was your upbringing like?

“I am French-born, a bit of a geek and a traveler at heart who has lived in seven countries so far. My work is to be an expert in both Feng Shui and astrology (Bazi) and my current bases are London, Paris, and Budapest.

I was raised in France in a loving family and initiated to the Western metaphysics through my mother, who saw that I had a gift for oracles, like she does. Once she taught me the Tarot, I was hooked and the metaphysics never left me since. It then took some trips and living in Asia for me to fully embrace this career.”

What did you dream of becoming, in terms of career, as a child?

“Veterinarian at first, until I discovered that you have to operate on the animals and not simply pet them! Then working for movies, especially on special effects: Return of the Jedi was quite a shock on my young self. Special effects actually became my first career.”

How did you stumble upon, or learn about, feng shui?

“Through a book that my brother offered me on my 23rd birthday. He saw the potential for me I suppose … I was already very into metaphysics and was very happy to discover that another form of metaphysics dealt with architecture, which is a passion of mine.”

Why feng shui? What drew you to feng shui to become a practitioner?

“It was the meeting point of several interests for me: the metaphysics, architecture, my connection with Asian cultures … I always felt that there was more than meets the eye to this life and Feng Shui confirmed it. More generally, the metaphysics help me to see order and greater purposes into this chaotic world.…

While I was hooked once I discovered Feng Shui through books, it was really when I started experimenting and discovered the energy level in buildings, and people, that I knew I wanted to do this work. Feng Shui, more than anything else, can have a direct influence on people living on a daily basis by reworking design and architecture, which fascinates me. The time that I have spent in Asia was a turning point for me – as I reconnected to a wisdom that I probably have experienced before. The blue mansion in Penang impressed me a lot and I wanted to understand why, and how, it worked.” 

What does feng shui mean to you?

“Feng Shui means to take control as the Earth luck – the influence of your living and working placed on your whole life. Humans are under 3 factors in their life:

Heaven = their life blueprints at birth

Human = their free will

Earth = the influence of our living places.

Why shall we be “guinea pig” of our homes and businesses when, instead, we can actually make them work better and for us? By connecting Feng Shui and the Bazi, I actually work both on the Earth and Heaven luck for my clients … To summarise, Feng Shui is to take advantage of your environment and make it work for you, by supporting your life through a unique energy work.”

I notice you also do 4 Pillars (Bazi) astrology. What attracted you to that?

“I would say that the connection to astrology for me is even older than Feng Shui, as my mother taught me several branches of the Western metaphysics: namely the Tarot and numerology. I have been reading the tarot for 24 years now! Becoming an astrologer was always on my bucket list: astrology combines the psychic, intuitive side and a method, some mathematics that appeal to both sides of my personality. I didn’t know that I would eventually specialise in Chinese astrology … By affinities I found the right Sifu in Malaysia to teach me the Bazi, QiMen, Xuan Kong and Da Liu Ren along with the Feng Shui.

From there, there was no turning back: the Bazi is really our whole life blueprint and using it to advise my clients and tailor their environment makes a huge difference.”

Can you share a little about your job?

“These days a lot of clients come to me through Bazi consultation as I have written extensively about the 4 Pillars in the past two years through my monthly predictions that they are really followed. I derive a lot of info on what will happen each month from the Stem, Branch, and their interaction with the year. True to be told, helping people to discover their true calling—what they are made for, where they would have a better life, what is their current timing and lessons to experience—is a passion and has been very rewarding.

Most of my Bazi clients then want to implement the solutions to improve their life through their Earth luck and this is where we go into the Feng Shui. The lineage that I follow uses the Bazi analysis to inform the home Feng Shui and this is a game changer. My work is equally split between writing reports and articles on my computer and going on location to help my clients choose or redesign their home or business. I am lucky to have a very international career and so I often travel for it.…”

What do you love about it?

“The fact to reveal to people about themselves and see them blossom! And, quite simply, the magic of the transformation happening after the Bazi and Feng Shui analysis. It is awesome to see my clients’ evolution in the following years …The metaphysics have brought into my life the sense of magic and spiritual meaning that I was looking for. I also love the fact that each client and each project is unique. Traveling for my work and meeting people of different cultures, different places and with their own energy and dreams that I can help to manifest is very exciting.”

What do you dislike?

“The amount of work that I sometimes have all at the same time. My reports and analyses are very extensive and when I have five clients who arrive at the same time, I really need to get very organised, focused, and put my social life on the side for a while. I just spend too much time writing on my computer – which is kind of what I wanted to get away from by leaving the special effects career in the first place! I am not complaining still: I am successful and so I have what I was wishing for…”

What obstacles do you encounter being in such an esoteric field and how do you handle/resolve them?

“Of course, people’s perceptions are often very diminishing and you need to quickly put your ego on the side. After more than a decade in this field, I have heard it all: that I move furniture around, that I should use my gift for free, that I don’t do a proper job.…The main obstacle is actually the fact that I was drawn to Chinese metaphysics while being a Westerner: some Asian people don’t believe that I have the credentials for this type of work. A book should not be judged on the cover, especially in the minefield that is the metaphysics … Luckily my blog and reputation keep growing in the right direction and I have many followers nowadays.”

Have you ever advised a client to move?

“Rarely, but some clients actually want my blessing to do so. Every place can benefit from Feng Shui solutions, but sometimes indeed re-starting with a much better place is exactly what a person needs. For people who have the budget, the willingness, and currently have a very poor home, Feng Shui-wise, moving can be an absolute game changer: we can then choose the new property together and implement an excellent Feng Shui setup from the beginning.”

What was the trickiest consultation that you have been on?

“I can’t say that I have failed in either Feng Shui or the Bazi, but it happens that some clients have unrealistic expectations. In Bazi especially, I see many aspects and must judge what the client is ready to hear. I remember a client who is a famous religious person and struggled with her religious path. She asked for my analysis and I confirmed that she could actually walk away from it and live her life differently. While it was her desire, to hear from me unleashed all her fears and doubts and she gave me a real hard time before calming down and seeing her own contradictions.

I shall also mention a consultation that was not difficult but very funny with a client who was very secretive about her work. She then sent me by mistake an email from her professional address and I discovered that she is a famous dominatrix! That was astonishing.…

Finally I did the mansion of a very famous musician and while I remained entirely cool and professional, it was nerve-wracking to be with such a star for ten hours! He even cooked for me … It was a bit surreal, but I, since then, have had other famous clients so I am getting used to it.”

How would you explain what feng shui is to a newbie?

“My favourite comparison is to say that it is Chinese medicine for your house … both work on the Chi. A building can be in good health or bad health, and affect you accordingly. My work is to make the diagnosis and bring the medicine so your home, business, and yourself get much better." 

What are some of the more common questions that you are asked?

“When I socialise, people really think that Feng Shui is akin to home design and I often have to educate them on how profound it is. The most common question is, “How did I become a Feng Shui & Bazi consultant?” actually! As during consultation, my clients often ask what come from their home and what come from their chart, and how long it will take to manifest some positive effects on their whole life.” 

Is there such a thing as a perfectly feng shui home? Why or why not?

“I would say that yes there is, if you can conceive it from the start and choose the place, design the plans and tailor every single aspect based on the location and people Chi needs as seen through their Bazi. A perfect Feng Shui home might not bring a perfect life as we have two other Lucks – Heaven and Human lucks – but certainly it is one of the best starts someone can implement in their life.”

What are your top 3 suggestions for homeowners?

“The first is to look back at what manifested since they have bought their home and see the patterns: money loss or gain, difficulty in relationship, lack of energy….The first 6 months reveal a lot about what your place manifests and tells you if you need corrections through Feng Shui.

The second is avoid putting Fire colours in a kitchen. The modern trend of very flashy kitchens, with sometimes red appliances all over, is akin to putting oil on fire, energetically. The colour scheme of a kitchen shall be subdued and appropriate for the sector.

The third is to check what is in the Northwest area of their home if they experience relationship problems. This is where the Qian trigram brings Heaven into your home. A source of heat or water in this area can bring disharmony and needs to be fixed.”

For people who develop serious health issues, what areas of the home would you advise them to pay closer attention to?

“It is a complex problems as the Bazi, our life blueprint, is always involved. A home usually manifests challenging tendencies that were already in the chart or Luck Pillar if this person has not chosen it wisely … Reason why both need to be analysed together. For cardiac problems, I check if there is a kitchen in the North sector or a swimming pool or bathroom in the South, as both create Fire and Water clashes. For other serious illnesses, the centre of the building is often involved, with a source of heat or water where they should not be. Of course the main aspect that can make or break their health is where is the bed located: a bed position that clashes with the Bazi is a sure recipe for problems sooner or later.

If I am meant to help these people by karmic affinities then we can change something. I do not mistake myself for a doctor, but positive changes usually happen in the following months.”

What can someone do when he/she lives in a bad feng shui home (other than move)?

“Call me! Joke aside, the DIY Feng Shui is often a recipe for more problems. People must remember that serious experts have studied with their Sifu for years, not only read a few mainstream books…. If there is a way to relocate the bed and change the colour scheme we can already do a lot. Besides the Feng Shui, people should then aim at raising their energy levels as much as possible to be able to manifest a different reality. Spiritual cultivation, eating the proper food, and developing a virtuous karma can balance out some of the negative aspects until a Feng Shui consultation is possible.”

Can you share a little about what you see for the future?

“I am seeing a trend in the past years: New Age and westernised Feng Shui is disappearing and the proper Chinese metaphysics are making a comeback, under the influence of both clients and teachers who are more demanding. There are not quite fixes for greatness and it is really time to go back to proper esoteric knowledge and stay away from the excess of the MacFeng Shui developed by people of goodwill who are clueless. It is a healthy cycle: the heavily commercial Feng Shui is disappearing and proper esoteric knowledge is making a comeback.”

What do you see for the future of Earth?

“It is obvious that the current economic system will collapse during our living and that we will go through another major crisis. As a species, we live like this planet has infinite resources, consuming and abusing without replenishing. It will last as long as it can, but Yin-er times will be forced upon us after this insane super-Yang society that we have created: it is running amok. There is nothing to be afraid of if you are prepared to be a light worker and be part of the solution when the time will come. We must prepare ourselves for downsizing and a more humble lifestyle, however.”

What is your vision of an ideal world?

“One in which the work that no one enjoys doing would be done by efficient and ecological machines, one in which greed would have disappeared and in which we could focus entirely on our spiritual development through arts, ecology, the metaphysics and experiencing human bounds. It is a utopia that eventually shall exist, but I am not sure we are going to get there very quickly.”

What would you like us humans to change?

“One thing for sure, we need to get rid of the greed that inhabits the human species right now. Money is neither good nor evil: it is an energy. But the greed, the hunger for more beyond our needs, the fears and inequalities that those motivations create are very negative on our species and this planet. Remove the greed and there is hope for us….”

How can we improve the world we live in?

“By consuming respectfully and becoming aware that karma exists at every single level: in the food we eat, the clothes that we buy, the way we consume.… Every single day is an opportunity to create a new positive or negative karma. Modern tech makes us even more self-centered and egotistical: when I see some people posting 1500 selfies in a year rather than debating politics, the metaphysics, the arts, or learning something, I am a bit depressed. But we all have a role to play and a level of spiritual evolution to account for….”

How would you like to see the world differently?

“I think that an energetic revolution, beyond the world of fossil fuels and plastic, might save us eventually. This is what I hope to see in this lifetime.…at my modest level, I hope that city planners and architects will make a habit to collaborate with true Feng Shui masters and to go for eco-materials – as this synergy can positively change people who will then live in those buildings and society as a whole. I have started to train in eco-building.”

Now that you have walked the walk, gone through the ups and downs of being in an esoteric career field, are there any words of wisdom for the next generation who wants to embark on the same path?

“First, no guilt! Be a light worker and proud of walking the esoteric path. Scientism, a blind faith in anything that looks like science, is driving us in the wall as we forget the other dimensions of our existence.… Second, stay away from New Age. There are no short cuts in the metaphysics. If you are serious about it, it will take some years for you to master and be at the top of your game. The metaphysics are not a skill mastered through a degree, but through initiation and constant work. Be willing to serve others, develop your B.S detector and stay away from instant-enlightenment weekend courses. If you are serious and give yourself the time needed to master your path, you’ll succeed and be part of the light workers this planet desperately needs….”

Please feel free to share anything that I might have missed or not asked. Feel free to share victories as well. 

“My personal victories are my clients’ positive evolution, as well as the recognition that I am gaining. I am also very happy that the more I work with Feng Shui and Bazi, the more I channel efficient and elegant solutions. Regularly, my brain re-organises itself with the discoveries I make through my clients and the solutions that I offer them. It is a career in constant evolution that develops a good karma and I feel very blessed to serve in such a way.”

And finally … how can the readers find out more about you?

“The best is to follow my month blog on Bazi and Feng Shui, as well as follow me through Facebook and Twitter:

I hope that I’ll connect with some of you in the flesh through Bazi and Feng Shui consultations, as those are the real game changers….

Thank you so much for this great opportunity!”

(This article was originally published on May 23, 2016.)

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