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Gwynne Warner is a BTB Feng Shui Consultant who studied with Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun and received her Advanced Feng Shui Certification with Helen and James Jay of Feng Shui Designs.

Welcome Gwynne. Welcome to Visionary Corner.

Please share with us what led you to feng shui.

“I had spent quite a few years living in London and because of its relationship with Hong Kong, it seemed like everybody practiced feng shui back in the 80s. Hotels, Virgin Airline, the Body Shop—everybody was using it. I had never heard of it, didn’t even know what it was. I was very lucky to start spending an extraordinary amount of time in ancient houses and churches, many that were built on ley lines, and visiting sacred sites, stone circles, beehives, holy wells, and all sort of places in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

I started having a tremendous amount of direct palpable experiences with invisible energy and just could not Gwynne at 10,000 Buddhasget enough of it. I was drinking it all in and studying with feng shui consultants in the U.K., going to workshops to deepen my practice. Around the same time, I started becoming engaged with Buddhism. There I was in my early 20s, and so those worlds—those invisible worlds—started intersecting. I started practicing it when I was 24—first on my own, then on my friends—learning, deepening, and becoming an advanced certified consultant about 12 years ago with Helen and James Jay; took classes with Professor Lin Yun; and now continuing my study with Katherine Metz and Grandmaster Lillian Too in Malaysia via video live stream teachings.”

What does feng shui mean to you personally?

“There’s no doubt about it: I feel for myself, for my clients, and for my students … it just offers a better quality of life, less suffering, more ease, in a world that’s just exhausting and overwhelming. Personally, it means a better quality of life, more good fortune, and it really does work in every way, in my marriage, my business, and my overall happiness.”

What do you love about your job?

“What I love about my work is that every day is different. One day I’m helping someone decorate or maybe shop and decorate their interiors—feng shui decorating for a business or home. Another day, I’m working with someone out of state and helping them sell their house. Another day, perhaps a couple has called me to help revive their passion in a marriage or a business owner needs more cash or I’m doing a cleansing ceremony or blessing ceremony or helping somebody set up a home office in a feng shui-savvy way.

I just love how every client and every day of work is different. I also love working with the invisible realm. I think in a culture where so much is fast and material-driven, it’s really awesome to have a profession where I’m dealing with something that is invisible and sacred. When I am working in a sacred space and time, it’s timeless. I would do a ceremony and I’m like “What? Where did that three hours go?” Of course, what I also love about my work is that it works! I’m privileged and blessed to hear from people through emails, thank you cards, and testimonials that feng shui is bringing transformation and change and that is utterly satisfying.”

What would you say to someone who is completely new to Feng Shui?

“I would encourage them to work sooner rather than later with a consultant. I think it’s kind of a curse and a blessing how much feng shui is on the internet and how many books have been written about it. Yet so many times, people get so utterly confused about which school and they try to mix all the schools together. There’s just a tremendous amount of confusion and I think the longer one goes without getting expert help, it seems that things get more difficult than they need to be."

In the course of your business, I’m sure you are asked certain questions over and over again. What are some of the most common questions you get asked?I

The most common themes that I see are around insomnia, stress, cash flow, buying and selling of properties or trying to find a wonderful place to live whether that is a rental or something to buy, wanting romance, or sustaining a marriage. Those are some of the more common themes.”

What feng ship tips do you have for new home buyers?

“There are a gazillion things to track for the interior and exterior. I really encourage my clients to be like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys and ask, ask, ask—get out there and ask the neighbors, meet the neighbors, walk around the neighborhood and try to find out what has been happening on the street in term of divorces, health (especially cancer), marriages, and so on. Check out that predecessor chi.

Also, don’t forget to look at vegetation. I’ve been on properties where there were a tremendous amount of dead birds or lots and lots of high power lines or super close to a cell phone tower which are indications of negative energies that need to be addressed. I also encourage people to look at the views outside the windows. You can be inside the most amazingly stunning gorgeous homes but if the view out the window just sucks the life force out of you, think of how that’s going to affect your energy year after year.

I think it’s pretty important to work with a consultant. I like to tell folks to narrow it down to your top two or top three houses and I would go through them with them and I would say, “If this was me, this would be the house I would choose.” And also not to worry, don’t be discouraged because there is a cure for just about everything. I don’t encourage my clients to live at the end of T-junction. That is a little bit of a deal breaker for me. The beautiful thing, I practice primarily (but not exclusively) BTB feng shui and so Professor Lin Yun has given us just a treasure trove of adjustments and cures. So don’t get panicked! There’s a cure to adjust those stairs running out the front door, for example. Pay close attention to predecessor chi and what’s going on outside of the home, don’t forget that as people get so caught up with only the interior.”

For individuals who are experiencing severe health issues, what would you advise them to take a closer look at?

“What I see again and again in homes is that people aren’t getting enough light. People leave their blinds down all day and all night. Please open up the blinds and windows and let some light in! And to that same end, fresh air! It makes me sad actually, that people aren’t getting any fresh oxygen into their homes for circulation. So, I advise opening up those windows and getting 10 minutes of fresh air every day! Also, make sure the systems are working. Everything from burnt out light bulbs to broken appliances, to heating and cooling ducts to changing air conditioning filters to sewage and plumbing problems. There are a gazillion things I can say about health, very complex and deep, but I would say start with making sure your home’s systems are clean and in excellent working order as they directly have an affect on your health.”

Are there any general tips for our readers in 2016?

“This year is the Fire Monkey or Red Monkey Year and it reflects the positive qualities of the monkey. Monkeys work very quickly and are full of energy, very vivacious. They like new projects and challenges. They’re very inventive, very successful.

I would say on a foundational level, really enjoy and take hold of this chi, use the energy of the year to get things done. Use the monkey energy to work quickly and happily with a lot of confidence and charisma and take on those new projects and challenges you might not have felt up to in previous years.

On the other side, Monkeys often have very erratic finances. They love the luxurious, the sumptuous, the comfortable, so this would be a good year to take care of those finances. Get your financial systems in order and create consistent revenue streams. Ask for a raise!

Use the Monkey’s exuberance and wit and humor to get through stressful times. It’s a wild year as you can already feel—a very wild, eclectic, and unpredictable year. I mean, oh my goodness, all you have to do is look at the quickly changing US presidential race for example. It’s a year with, well everything from trickery and con artists to invasions and violence. I mean it’s just a crazy, crazy year.

Use that fire element of this Monkey Year. Use it for your success and to self-promote. Enhance your fame and reputation. This is a beautiful year to really go for it and enhance that area of the bagua with the color red and light up.

Do things feng shui-wise that are really going to secure and give a strong foundation to your romance. Monkeys can be very self-centered, so in a Monkey year, long term partnerships can be challenged. Make sure your bed is very well oiled, no squeaky springs! Have a stable foundation with a strong headboard placed up against the wall in the Commanding Position. This is a great year to really do a feng shui makeover on your bedroom and have it be profoundly romantic and healing and nurturing.

This is also a great year to do feng shui wealth adjustments for gathering, collecting, and accruing prosperity. Many of the feng shui masters who specialize in the Paht Chee speak about potentials for financial crisis this year, so work on having money reserves. Which makes it a fantastic year for having money pots, wealth bowls, or wealth vases.

Health wise, look at excessive fire, intense fire, which affects the nervous system and can cause insomnia. Avoid having electronics in and or near the bed. Be asleep by the hour of the rat which is 11 pm at night. Really cherish your sleep!

If you’re a monkey, tiger, snake, or a boar, make sure to carry a jade charm of the snake this year, who is the secret friend of the monkey. It’s interesting that this year the Tai Sui, The God of the Year, is holding a Ru Yi in his arm. I think this is a wonderful year to keep a Ru Yi near you. I keep mine right in front of me on my desk and I hold it whenever I want to embody its energy which translates “as you wish.”

Also because it’s a year with a lot of fire, on the mundane level, make sure you’ve got a fire emergency plan good to go: fire extinguishers are working, fire alarms have batteries, and so on. Also, bring in more of the water element. From a feng shui perspective, this could be wearing the color black or deep blue or wearing blue crystal jewelry or lapis lazuli or using a deep blue wallet or black wallet. 

This is a fantastic year, if you haven’t done so already, to install water fountains or aquariums in feng shui-savvy places. Surround yourself with the sound of water, even streaming from your computer. Take lots of showers and baths and go swimming, have holidays by the ocean, drink lots of water. You can also make a vessel filled with water and flower blossoms Place this in the center of the home and leave overnight. The next day, sprinkle this water by flicking it with your fingers around the inside of your entire home just to bring some water chi into the house.”

Wow, thank you so much Gwynne for such detailed feng shui tips for this year. One final question, how can our readers reach you to find out more about you?

“I put out a free newsletter twice a month filled with audios, tips, and articles and you can send me an email and we’ll get you signed up. You can also find me on Pinterest and Facebook and my website at

Thank you so very much, Susan! Wishing you and all your readers 10,000 Blessings of Every Kind!”

(This blog was originally published on June 20, 2016.)

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