Do you ever wonder how you can increase your luck in life to…?

  • Live comfortably and not worry
  • Attract more opportunities
  • Exist with synchronicity

I know I do!

The Chinese believe there are five different types of luck that determine our future, our destiny. Two of which are predetermined at our birth. The other three are within our control. The five types of luck are:

  • Fate
  • Astrology
  • Feng shui
  • Altruism
  • Education

Fate is something we cannot control. It involves the lessons that we are meant to learn in this lifetime. We can change the circumstances, but we cannot circumvent the lessons. If you are experiencing similar situations over and over again, the Universe is telling you…you have not learned the lesson. Most of us are born with multiple lessons to learn in one lifetime.

Astrology is a cosmic map of who we are and what our future holds. Our personality, our behavioral patterns can all be seen in our charts. We will encounter opportunities and challenges and how we react to them will determine our future.

We cannot change the lessons that we have come in with nor the astrological makeup on the day we are born. We can change our luck through feng shui, altruism, and education.

Let’s cover altruism and education first.

Altruism is the conscious act of helping another without regards to “what is in it for me.” It is the act of kindness to a stranger. It is the act of sharing what little we have with someone who has even less. It is the good deed that we were taught as kids. Altruism leads to good karma. Good karma leads to good luck.

Education is the wisdom that we learn, the clarity that we seek, and the awareness that we are all connected. It is not a piece of paper with your name and the degree that you earned nor the mastery of a technical skill that you acquired. Education is about life and understanding your part in the cosmic scheme of things.

Now, let’s go back to Feng Shui, #3 on the list.

Many of us can walk into a space and can tell instantly if we hate it, love it, or think it’s just okay. Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly why; other times it’s just this vague feeling. Most of the time, it’s because of its feng shui. There is a flow to the place, unseen, but it makes us feel at home and comfortable. Feng shui is the study of nature, a study of the invisible and visible energy patterns in our homes. It is the energy that connects us to heaven (above) and the earth (below). By shifting the energy of our home, we can change how lucky we are or not.




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