Pets, in general, have a higher awareness and sensitivity to the energy around us than we humans do. They also bring a wonderful, almost limitless source of energy into any space. Not only are they loving, but they provide a yang fire energy that lifts the energy in your home. This is doubly important for homes that are too yin. With the impact on energy they have, it is very important to consider your pets when having a feng shui consultation. Here are some things we can learn from our pets about good feng shui:

Most of us feel more comfortable when our homes are clean and tidy. The same goes for pets. Make sure their bedding and food area are washed and cleaned as well.

Similar to the way we consider the ideal location for bathrooms in homes, we should also consider where we place the litter box.

Typically, the number one rule in feng shui is to have the bed and the desk in command position. However, pet beds do not need to be in the command position.

Pay careful attention to the energy of your pets and take some cues from them. I had a client whose dog kept pacing the entire time I was there. His bed was located in front of a window that faced a very active parking lot. Once the bed was moved, the dog stopped pacing.

Cats are said to love Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) whereas dogs hate it. Notice the places in your home where cats are attracted to and where dogs dislike. There is a pretty good chance there is high dose of EMF in that spot.

Fish and aquariums represent the flow of success and wealth. It is vital that aquariums have very good air and water circulation so that fish remain healthy.

If you and your pet(s) are interested in learning more about the feng shui in your home, book an appointment with me today.


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