Each of us has a lucky color — a color that supports us and an unlucky color — a color that weaken us. Our lucky color is determined by our power element within the 5 Element principle. Our power element is calculated based upon our birthday.

The 5 Element principle involves fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each of the elements correlates with a specific color. The use of colors within the 5 elements principle is simple and effective.

Red is a powerful color that really pops. It symbolizes fire, passion, fame, abundance, and strength. Wear red colored clothing or incorporate the color red into your space to promote the fire element and support your endeavors.

Orange is such a delightful and vibrant color. It symbolizes vitality, enthusiasm, appetite, and creativity. Wear orange colored jewelry or paint a room orange in your space to promote the earth element and support your efforts.

White is the absence of colors. It symbolizes innocence, cleanliness, bliss, and peace. Wear white colored accessories or decorate your home with white colored furniture to promote the metal element and support your aspirations.

Black is the integration of all the colors. It symbolizes journey, mystery, maturity, and stillness. Wear a black colored outfit or integrate the color black into your space to promote the water element and support your goals.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes life, well-being, growth, freshness, and luck. Wear green colored clothing or decorate with green in your space to promote the wood element and support your dreams. 

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