As we embark on a new age, the Age of Aquarius, the stones that we had loved so much (in the Age of Pisces) have also…shifted. Stones that were once powerful might no longer be. Stones that were overlooked might now shine.

Let me give you a little history about the changing of the guards and how their energy might impact your choice of crystals going forward.

Age of Pisces is a water sign. Water, as you might know, is about emotions, intuition, depth. Think of an iceberg. Most of it is under water and just the peak of it is above. Now correlated that to your emotions. Most of what you feel is hidden beneath the surface and only a fraction of it is on display.

Age of Aquarius is not quite the opposite, but it’s very different. Aquarius is an air sign. Air is like movement, change, transition. It’s as if nothing stays the same. Age of Aquarius is about evolution, technology, scientific breakthroughs, ideas.

Pisces is about depth. Aquarius is about change.

One of the biggest differences between Pisces and Aquarius or the stones associated with them is the permeability or flexibility in their energy. Pisces grounding stones are very rooted whereas Aquarius grounding stones require a little more…sudden change of direction. If we are too rooted in the Age of Aquarius, we might just miss some opportunities.

My favorite grounding stones in the Age of Aquarius are Bronzite, Aragonite, Tiger Iron, Red Jasper, and Pyrite…just to name a few.

Well, if all the stones are changing, how do I know what stone to use?

One of the biggest takeaways that I hope my students learn is developing their own unique abilities in communicating with their crystals. I feel that is the first step for anyone interested in working with crystals. (You can learn more about “how” in my crystal membership program on my website.)

One of my absolute favorite stones in the Age of Pisces was Malachite…real, natural malachite and not the dyed version. Malachite was an amazing stone, powerful, multi-purposed, a leader. I think we all have heard about, read about, or maybe even participated in the GameStop saga. A bunch of regular folks, like you and me, on reddit decided to pull together and buy up a bunch of stocks. The move was to counter some short sellers. The stock price went from $20 a share to well over $300 a share or maybe even higher. This was for a company that was losing money in 2020.

This whole situation has Age of Aquarius written all over it. Malachite is a stone for leaders, one leader dictating or delegating. Age of Aquarius is about the “mass” coming together to dictate or change how things were done. Rhodochrosite, Green Kyanite, Green Calcite, Nirvana Quartz are excellent stones to serve and lead within the mass.

The best stones to use in the Age of Aquarius include calcites, quartz, metal element stones, wood element stones, stones that are not energetically dense.

Metal elements stones include Herkimer diamond, copper, white calcite. Wood element stones include jade, green aventurine, green sardonyx. Stones that are not dense include halite, jet, blue lace agate. These are just a few examples.

What will happen to all of my favorite stones?

They might still be your favorite stones, but their purpose might change. If your favorite color is red, does it change twenty years later? It might.

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