Some people think of crystals as pretty, shiny, little trinkets. To me, they mean so much more.  Crystals have helped shaped my life long before I even realized their true power. I got my first piece of crystal as a kid. My mom had gifted me a jade pendant. Jade is a protective and abundance stone. Two things, I think, most moms wish for their kids.

How can you tell a really good quality jade from your run of the mill stone? Jade, green jade specifically, changes color over time. The greener the stone becomes, the heathier… The “greenness” of the stone acts as an indication of your health and vitality. This isn’t an instantaneous test. It takes months, maybe years for the jade to slowly turn to a bright or dark green (hopefully). Merely wearing a jade stone for a few hours, well…you can imagine it turning green.

Crystals are a wonderful stand-a-lone and/or complement modality. They can be used purely by themselves for the benefit of, for example, your health; or combined with other modalities such as feng shui. 

Crystals are powerful, often misunderstood, and underestimated. There are so many facets to them including Crystals for Your Health. Crystals can help transmute, change, conquer, and shift your energy and health challenges.  When you elevate your vibration with crystals, your vibration is no longer a match to most health challenges vibration. When you elevate your vibration, the energetic imprint associated with that health challenge simply shifts and the “physical” aspect of it dissolves.

Of course, it is important to know the what (what stones to use), the how (as in what context), and the where (where to place the crystals on the body). Knowing and understanding crystals can truly transform your life.

I have met my fair share of non-believers. Some were just not quite ready, others…I would meet months or even years later and… A roofer and his boss couldn’t believe how sleeping with one crystal helped the roofer resolved his knee problem. An acupuncturist substituted needles with crystals on treating her own back problems. A construction worker stopped swearing in the morning because he wasn’t waking up with aches and pains all over his body anymore.

Crystals can also complement other modalities such as feng shui. Feng shui is the art of designing a space according to its energetic principles.

These principles include, but are not limited to, Directions, Flying Stars, the Five Elements, Chakra System, Colors, Life Areas, and Body Parts. The purpose of feng shui is to promote health and well-being, longevity, abundance, peace, and growth. Placing, adding, rearranging, or removing objects in a home is more than just for its aesthetic appeal.

Shifting the vibration of YOU using crystals is similar to shifting the vibration of your home using feng shui. Of course, you can add crystals to complement feng shui and make the transformation doubly powerful.

Crystals can also be used as a stand-a-lone modality inside a home. They can be used to promote an overall theme or vibe within the space. Examples include peace and prosperity. love and harmony. There are technically no wrong ways on how to use crystals, although there are some techniques that can optimize desired results.



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