Buying a house or finding a new apartment can be quite stressful. There are open houses, school districts, property taxes, safety and convenience factors to research and so many things to consider. An important consideration, often overlooked, has to do with the feng shui of the home. “Does the new home have good feng shui?” should move to the top of your list.

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life and where you live greatly impacts how you live. Get to know the feng shui of your potential new home and what adjustments can be made to improve the flow of qi.

Avoid buying or renting where the placement of the bathroom(s) is in the center of the home. The center represents your health and having a bathroom here symbolically represents your health going down the drain.

Many homes with unusual layouts, unique shapes, or sharp corners might seem appealing at first. From a feng shui perspective, these designs often translate to having missing or weakened specific life areas.

Some people opt only to buy new homes. Many Asians absolutely refuse to buy a home in which someone passed away. If you have moved into a home where a tragic incident has happened, it’s very important to clear the space.

It is ill-advised to have a road end directly at your front entrance. It creates too much rushing qi.

Avoid having overhead beams or sharp corners facing the bed. The beams can cause sleepless nights and the sharp corners can cause aches and pains.

Make sure the front door is proportionate to the house. A door that is too big may lead to misfortune and one that is too small limits the flow of good fortune to enter. A solid wooden door, proportionate in size to the house, is ideal.



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