The First Chakra:  Survival 

The first seven years of our life are the most important because they shaped our beliefs, our thoughts, and our emotions on how we will survive as adults. If you think or feel you were poor as a child, that thought, or emotion will carry over into your adult life.

The energetic imprint of the first seven years is housed in your root charka, the first chakra.

A balanced first charka means …

  • You feel alive and healthy.
  • You are optimistic.
  • You are happy.
  • You are strong and full of vitality..

When the first chakra is deficient …

  • You have abundance issues.
  • You believe that family dysfunction is the norm.
  • You are not grounded.
  • You seem to have a hard time taking care of yourself.

The key to balancing the root chakra is being aware—aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Once you are aware, you can then change them.

The Second Chakra:  Relationships

We start learning about relationships at a very early. We observe and mimic our parents and others on how we should act, what is acceptable, and this forms the basis of our relationship with our intimate partner.

The charka that governs relationships is the sacral chakra, the second chakra.

When your sacral chakra is in balance …

  • You are open, loving, and sympathetic.
  • You are creative.
  • You are sexual and passionate.
  • You are emotionally balanced.

When your sacral chakra is deficient …

  • You experience blocked imagination.
  • You have intimacy issues.
  • You feel isolated and alone.
  • You lack passion in your life.

The Third Chakra: Personal Power

Although this subject is not new, there is an increasing focus nowadays on owning your power. What does this mean? How do you know if you are owning your power? 

Owning your power equates with having a balanced third charka, a balanced solar plexus chakra.

When it is in balance …

  • You accomplish your tasks easily.
  • You feel safe and secure.
  • You are determined, focused, and organized.
  • You adapt and accept to new changes.
  • Overall, you feel life is good.

When your solar plexus is deficient … 

  • You feel stagnant.
  • You have low or no ambitions.
  • You lose a sense of who you are.
  • Your confidence takes a huge hit.

The Fourth Chakra: Love (Relationships)

The two biggest themes in Hollywood are heroes and love stories. It is of no surprise than that most of us learn what love is from our parents, cultural society, and the entertainment industry.

Love is typically associated with the fourth chakra, the heart charka.

When your heart charka is in balance …

  • You are open to giving and receiving love.
  • You are open to feeling love.
  • You are compassionate, empathic, and can forgive.
  • You trust in life.

When the heart chakra is deficient...

  • You might hate or dislike yourself
  • You have a hard time letting go of experiences, people, and situations.
  • You get depressed easily.
  • You have a hard time accepting love from others.

The Fifth Chakra: Communication

Our fifth chakra deals with communication. It’s about our ability to speak our truth, to speak freely what is on our mind, to speak with authenticity. We might have been told as a child to hold our tongue and now as an adult, we have a hard time communicating who we are.

Our fifth chakra is our throat chakra.

When your throat chakra is in balance …

  • You are fluent in your speaking ability.
  • You are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas easily.
  • You are willing to listen to others and to yourself.
  • You are at ease with public speaking (once you overcome the initial nervousness).

When your throat chakra is deficient …

  • You have a hard time expressing your needs.
  • You lack authenticity.
  • You are fearful of being heard.
  • You have a hard time speaking up for yourself or others.

The Sixth Chakra: Intuition

Of all the senses, intuition is the most important. Imagine if we are encouraged to develop and trust our intuition from the start of grade school, how much less bullying, kids taking drugs, or drinking and driving there would be.

Intuition is governed by the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra.

When your third eye chakra is in balance …

  • You know the direction of your life.
  • You see and accept risks as part of life.
  • You do not seek answers (to your own life) outside of you.
  • You have an inner knowing.

When your third eye chakra is deficient …

  • You doubt yourself.
  • You are fearful and suspicious.
  • You continue to search for answers outside of yourself
  • Your imagination is blocked.

The Seventh Chakra: Connection to God/Universe

Connection to God can be substituted with connection to the Universe, Divine, higher self, whatever your beliefs are. It is who we call upon during times of tragedies, world catastrophes, hardships, deaths.

Our connection to God resides in our seventh charka, the crown chakra.

When your crown chakra is in balance …

  • You believe in something greater than yourself.
  • You live life guided by compassion and intuition.
  • You have a balanced sense of materialism.
  • You feel guided and supported.

When your crown chakra is deficient …

  • You have a hard time trusting or believing in others and yourself.
  • You see things as black or white.
  • You have a hard time seeing the bigger picture.
  • You don’t believe in a higher power.


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